Q. How do I know if an Internet course is for me? 

A. Going to class on-line requires the student to be more of a self-starter and more self-motivated than traditional land-based classes. Students have to be able to work independently with little supervision, to work without a great deal of classroom interaction.  To get a wee bit of an idea if an Internet-based course is a good choice for you, you may take the
"Free 5 Minute Self Quize"  as noted on the Cyberpsychology Gateway page.

Q. How do I register for an Internet course? 

A. As you would register for any other course, including on-line registration. 

Q. Are Internet courses transferable to other colleges? 

A. Yes, if the courses are included in the College Transfer Module they will automatically meet the requirements of the transfer module of the receiving instutition---all of the Psychology courses are transferable. 

Q. Are the costs for Internet classes comparable to the costs of traditional classes? 

A. Pretty much.  In some cases there is a small service charge for the rental or broadcast royalities of videos that accompany some IT courses. 

Q. Do I need a password for Internet courses?

A. NOT for the Psychology IT courses.  All Pychology courses use  the Angel  course management software. 
For more information on LCCC's Distance Learning, go to:

Q. Do I have to come to the campus? 

A. For all Psychology IT courses, no campus attendance is required. 

Q. What if I am not computer literate, are there a few terms that can get me started? 

A. Yes, here are a few critical terms that you can learn to get you on your way. INTERNET: a network of networked computers world wide, sorta like a spider's web, WORLD WIDE WEB (WWW): a tool for organizing and navigating the Internet that includes hypertext and graphics, BROWSER: software for navigating (browsing) the Web with other Internet resources such as e-mail,WEB PAGE: the information that an individual browser, e.g., Firefox, Explorer, receives from the Internet, SEARCH ENGINE: a method of finding (searching information on the Web. Some better known search engines include: Google, and Yahoo E-MAIL: A short name for electronic mail, URL: the abbreviation for Universal Resource Locator---an address used on the Internet to locate Web pages or sites, e.g., 
ATTACHMENT:  Usually a document or graphic that is "attached" to an e-mail.  SCROLL BAR: A moveable "bar"  on the right of a page with arrow tips.  It is used to move down an up a page, ICON: A picture or image.

Q. Do assignments involve visiting various Web-site?  And if so, what do I do if a Web-site is "dead" or no longer active/available? 

A. Throughout most Internet courses and particularly the Psychology IT course(s) you will have many opportunities to visit course-related Web sites that are not administered by LCCC. You can visit these sites by clicking the hyper link URL in the course material. Please keep in mind that LCCC does not have any control over these external sites. It is possible that some of these sites may be down for maintenance, slow, or busy when you try to connect to them. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to remedy a problem with an external site. If you discover that a site no longer operative, then search (use a search engine, e.g., Google or  Yahoo  to find a substitute on a similar topic. 

Q. What if my assignment is "lost in cyberspace" and does not get to the instructor?

A. Rarely does this happen, but if it should, be sure you have everything saved to your hard drive. When notified that a submission of yours was not received by the instructor, then re-send the material. 

Q. What do I do if I am unsure about some aspect of the course, e.g., grading?

A. Re-read the Syllabus. If you still do not have an answer to your satisfaction, then contact your instructor for clarification.

Q.  How are the tests, quizzes, administered and how do I get my grades?

 A.  All psychology tests and quizzes will be taken on-line using the Angel software.

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